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'History is HERstory too'


First Female Pharaoh

It is time to reclaim her power




Theatre Maker



AWAKEN is the first of a trilogy of plays.

Developed with the support of the Create Project at

The Actors Temple, Script Accelerator programme

with the Park theatre, Beacon Arts Centre and Arts Council 

England.  It is due to have a script reading in May 2022.  

AWAKEN spans lifetimes and realities. Beginning in 1653,

it delves into the life of a maidservant who has her world

threatened by the raging persecution of witches.

Her story is told using the language of ‘Canting’,  

which predates Cockney, and was spoken by the

working class of London. 

Fast forward to 2023.  The past refuses to remain buried

and seeps into the life of Sarah, a palliative care nurse, who is brought to the bedside of Henry Husk and catapulted towards her redemption.


AWAKEN explodes with magical realism and challenges the status quo of everyday reality.  It calls into question the power that was stripped out of the hands of witches, women and the working class and offers us an opportunity to reclaim our innate wisdom.

By far the best reading for new writing I’ve been to.’

Lesley Wood. Chief Executive, New Writing South


‘A visceral piece of work’

David Knight. Head of Curriculum at Central Film School

'Awaken disorientates through familiarity, it connects the past to the present to incisively teach us about how we live now.’

Katrina Marchant-Stone. Post Doctoral Researcher, Globe.

'Awaken is Cheryl Prince's masterful exploration of witches....Magical, frightening, passionate and always surprising, this play pulses with a compelling and irresistible heartbeat'             Laura Lundy - Blue Panther Productions




The second play in the trilogy.

Meet Lily, middle aged and out of her mind,

apparently.  Or is she the only sane one left

in a her soul loss civilisation?

FLAME unravels and exposes mass mind control,

dating back to an ancient Patriarchal civilisation 

when spirit was first stripped from humanity 

and AI took hold.

FLAME tears apart topics such as spiritual realism, mental health, sacred sexuality and personal freedom, asking us to redefine our own version of reality and break free from the false matrix. 




The final play in the trilogy.
DREAM takes us on a journey into the beginning of our HER STORY, and shoots us forward into a dystopian future we may well be heading for if we don’t AWAKEN to a new way of being.