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Spans lifetimes and realities.  

From 1653 to present day it explores the persecution of WOMEN, WITCHES and the WORKING CLASSES whilst also offering us all an opportunity to reclaim our innate WISDOM. 

AWAKEN delights in magical realism and hard hitting spiritual truth.


5D Theatre

A new era of Spiritual Storytelling

which ignites our supernatural senses and calls our souls home.

AWAKEN has been loved and birthed into being by these three Wise Owls:

Knight and Owl

Cheryl Prince 

Writer, Actress, Witch


Law Ballard

Director, Dramaturg, Visionary

Ellie Zeegen

Creatrix, Dramaturg, Actress

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To enable a fully funded staged production and reach as many individuals as possible AWAKEN requires further funding.

If you believe in what we are trying to do, click on the donate button and give what you can. Everything helps and is received with so much love and gratitude.  

AWAKEN feedback

AWAKEN feedback

AWAKEN feedback
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Audience Feedback on AWAKEN

Audience Feedback on AWAKEN

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